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  7. What made you want to teach?
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  29. Is it possible?!
  30. Book Reccomendadtions for a seventh grade class?
  31. I really miss this place!
  32. ummm
  33. Do You Wanna Recite A Verse You Don't Like
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  40. Do you teach The Importance of Being Earnest?
  41. I need to learn how to read please read
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  44. Algebra study guide??
  45. Throw Wide the Girdle
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  53. The Canterbury Pilgrims
  54. Cornell note-taking system
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  66. Brave New World
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  70. epiphany
  71. Help: Literature containing walls and isolation
  72. please complete this for my friends masters dissertation. thank you :)
  73. Students with potential
  74. Reading journal/ reading log?
  75. My father wishes me to teach him English ... Any ideas?
  76. Translated literature at school
  77. dr jekyll and mr hyde
  78. Help!! New to teaching British Literature!
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  80. Ireland information for culture fair
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  84. Recommended texts for 8th grade ELA?
  85. Cognitive Approach to Teaching
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  88. How teaching literature is different...?
  89. Looking for Appropriate Short Stories
  90. The Impact of Cultural Attitude on L2 Learning
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  92. How do I teach a chapter of a novel to a class?
  93. Pedagogy (teaching) and Patience
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  99. Funny Statements from Student Papers
  100. Accounting Homework, ManagerialAccountingHomeworkHelp.9f.com , Finance homework help,
  101. E-reading
  102. question about englishness?????
  103. Boys suffer in a culture without challenges
  104. What was this novel?
  105. Beginning a teaching career
  106. Help!
  107. Conservatives to return to traditional teaching methods.
  108. Personification v.s anthropomorphism
  109. SATs Good or Bad
  110. how to teach DRAMA
  111. Language requirement in graduate programs
  112. Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
  113. thinking about students...a lot
  114. The Impact of Time and Space on Learning Behavior
  115. Developing Teaching Methods for Learning Disabilities
  116. IT - does it improve teaching and learning?
  117. Arguing against authoritarian mentalities: approaching dictatorship in home education
  118. Please Help First Time Teaching Brit Lit Please Help
  119. Advice for an English tutor for non-native speakers
  120. Poems for year 7 & 8
  121. Short Stories/Poetry Dealing with Capitalism or Communism
  122. Teaching Young Inspectors
  123. unbiased grading
  124. New Literary Club - any advice?
  125. Assistant Stage Manager
  126. What's Your Favorite Way to Learn?
  127. Love it, Hate it, or Indifferent? Emotions in Teaching
  128. Say What? The Value of Memorization
  129. PGCE Interview: How do I prepare?
  130. Research assistanship in Russian literature
  131. Teacher's advice on book selections for 7-8 year old
  132. Looking for some book recommendations...
  133. What to read in English?
  134. English Grammar Textbooks and the like
  135. Noun Phrases
  136. Prostitution: English major styles
  137. Grasping the Buddha
  138. The Dead
  139. Creativity in Education
  140. Reading selection for a 9th grader
  141. Almost finished with school, now what?
  142. Tutoring an 18-year-old autistic student with literacy problems...with my iPad.
  143. American Literature Teach in China
  144. Spelling
  145. Finding students
  146. Author's Purpose - with Kaplan
  147. How to teach writing essays as second language
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  149. Graphic Organizer Software?
  150. Learning a foreign language
  151. How to Self Teach?
  152. What is the difference between certain words?
  153. American degrees
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  157. Online versus classroom teaching
  158. Can I please have your expertise in selecting texts?
  159. source book for American Romanticism
  160. modern day CHILLINGSWORTH
  161. Literary Criticism
  162. help me with creative writing please
  163. Avoiding copycatting...
  164. Can a literary aspect act as a secondary protagonist?
  165. Heroism and Faith
  166. Books to help simplify writing.
  167. Correct use of the word: STRONGHOLD ???
  168. Correct sentences, please help me out!
  169. Can I use the word “coincide” in connection with material things?
  170. Please help me with your opinion on this matter
  171. Question about mixing past and present tenses???!!!
  172. Am I using to many adjectives in this sentences?
  173. Content or contented???
  174. Am I using "is" and "are" correctly???
  175. Too much info in one sentence???
  176. WAS or WERE?
  177. Should I use ARE or IS ???
  178. Is the word "Muslims" not plural ???? :0
  179. Digging deeper into an author
  180. Communism/Socialism - No Excuses
  181. Teaching my first course in January, petrified.
  182. The Types of Undergraduate (humour)
  183. Methods of literary analysis
  184. Revelation ???
  185. FOR both of them, or TO both of them???
  186. “Reflexive pronoun use”
  187. What is a college dorm?
  188. Is "cushioness" a word?
  189. SparkNotes vs. XRay Feature on the Kindle: any and all thoughts!
  190. Literature edited specially for children?
  191. Novel recommendation for a learner of English
  192. Stirring up the versatility of the gene pool.
  193. Sos
  194. English literature at school: why exactly is it taught?
  195. Understandable Poems/Poets
  196. Major Barbara
  197. Narrative theory
  198. Are these novels level-appropriate for high school seniors?
  199. Help, please
  200. A question about taste
  201. A question about taste
  202. About the people with special needs
  203. Texts About Walls
  204. Testing Phonics Acquisition
  205. Meditation A simple guide to practice and do.
  206. Do you believe in life after birth?