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  1. Scientific Method for governing
  2. After death
  3. Philosophers on revenge
  4. Frege's Begriffsschrift
  5. Real Independence
  6. Disadvantages to literary culture?
  7. The Ego vs. World of Ambiguity
  8. Vegetarianism
  9. Science of Morality, Anyone?
  10. “Technology as Extension of the Human Body”
  11. “Bring the coon-skin home and hang it on the wall” LBJ
  12. Arithmetic is Object Collection
  13. Will the Digital Age Destroy Creativity?
  14. Trouble reading philosophy.
  15. Before Birth
  16. Freedom
  17. Existentialism....what is it?
  18. Is CT the Foreplay of Understanding?
  19. The Structure of Science?
  20. Are You Guys Laughing Yet?
  21. Calculation without Understanding
  22. Caucus versus Standard System Primaries
  23. The Source of Human Reason?
  24. Isolation
  25. Taking Social Theories to the People
  26. what is imagination?
  27. Human Paradox
  28. WWI Christmas Truce
  29. Art, Common Sense, and Objectivity
  30. “Old Age ain’t for Sissies”—Betty Davis
  31. The Death Fear is lessoned by killing another
  32. Transcendentalism
  33. That’s philosophy for ya!
  34. Instrumental Rationality and Communicative Action
  35. What Categories Reveal About the Mind
  36. Symbolism in the Thoth tarot of Aleister Crowley
  37. There is no God’s Eye View of Reality
  38. Paintbrush is Pump: Image Based Thought
  39. Is dinosaur a bird?
  40. Rawls’ Metaphor “Justice as Fairness”
  41. To freedom.
  42. Fair-Mindedness ain’t for Sissies
  43. Beyond Mysticism
  44. Political Philosophy and Medicine Shows
  45. Gibbon Worth Reading?
  46. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”(O. wilde)
  47. Abjection
  48. Can we talk about thinking?
  49. Can we be clear about our assumptions?
  50. Doubt
  51. Help Finding a book *
  52. Freud, Lacan, and Literature
  53. Beauty and Morality are Species of Value/
  54. Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing
  55. Is Lying Immoral (Sinful, Illegal)?
  56. What is time?
  57. Enclosure: The Death of Subsistence Farming
  58. Does 'nothing' exist? Is't 'something' in 'nothing'?
  59. Empathy: What does ever dog owner know?
  60. How did the “Poor Law” became a poor law for the poor?
  61. Math Equations: Metaphors of Science
  62. What is immortaility?
  63. Can society resist becoming an economic appendage?
  64. Are Science and Religion Enemies of Morality?
  65. Ignorance, apathy, and irresponsibility
  66. Aurobindo on Evolution
  67. What is the Destructive Force of Belief?
  68. What network of habits permeates our actions?
  69. How do you value an idea?
  70. Are we playing a fictional role in life?
  71. Soren Kierkegaard
  72. Agressivness is a characteristic of human beings
  73. Iris Murdoch
  74. Is Corporate America a Cabal?
  75. Intellectual Epiphany: Know what I Mean?
  76. How did we grow from Egalitarianism to Plutocracy?
  77. Can a sophisticated individual rise above ideology?
  78. What to Read Next?
  79. Greed man's greatest enemy
  80. Can we compare physics and psychology?
  81. Can reason be humanized and remain reasonable?
  82. Where to start....
  83. Can we know only what we are prepared to know?
  84. happiness
  85. Freedom
  86. Practical?
  87. what is "true love"?
  88. What is the Association of Efficiency with Morality?
  89. Help!
  90. Love originates in mind or body?
  91. The beast in you
  92. A balanced life
  93. Why is ideology like a prism?
  94. Can we change attitude?
  95. Are Ideology and Morality like AIG and Citibank?
  96. Falsification or comparison, which is more suitable?
  97. Is there a Rational Ground for Morality?
  98. An Oriental Classic, Attar's Mantiq al-Tayr
  99. What is Traditional Thinking?
  100. Philosophy Needs a Visceral Connection
  101. Scholars in the Tank
  102. Dieting & Ideology: Delusional Duality?
  103. How to write Philosophy Papers
  104. Has natural selection been aborted?
  105. Can we learn to be critically self-conscious?
  106. Philosophical Question?
  107. Are We Responsible Caretakers of this Planet?
  108. Problem, Puzzle, and Paradox: What’s Missing?
  109. The Fifth Element | Yesterday & Today
  110. Is Morality an Open and Closed Matter?
  111. The Coexistence of Love and Murder
  112. Framing: Thug, Terrorist, Pirate, any Difference?
  113. Why do people work? need help to write about it!
  114. Isn’t our financial crisis fair warning?
  115. What would Socrates do?
  116. How is body and mind one?
  117. How can we find that resonant synchronization?
  118. Stop Reproduction !
  119. Can I Think of Me?
  120. What is a Basic-Level Category?
  121. Beyond philosophy
  122. Is God a practical joker?
  123. Is disinterest like apathy?
  124. What value do you navigate by?
  125. Is thought a physical activity?
  126. Is there a path to wisdom?
  127. How does one begin a disinterested intellectual life?
  128. Kant's Lectures on Metaphysics
  129. Are we all “dittoheads” to some ideology?
  130. Why do you need God?
  131. Kenosis in Theology
  132. Do we live a “lie of character”?
  133. Torn between dream and reality
  134. slavery today
  135. Can’t we just hold it?
  136. Why are aesthetics such a muddle?
  137. Does meaning come before awareness?
  138. Where did love come from?
  139. Hope
  140. Natural Science: Hegemony of the Right Angle Paradigm?
  141. Have you met Mr. Straw Man?
  142. Are you a rules skeptic?
  143. Solipsism & Nihilism
  144. Critical Theory: Foucault over Marx?
  145. R.G. Collingwood
  146. Memories/Decisions
  147. Why is Philosophy like General Motors?
  148. The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work - Alain de Botton
  149. Why and how was this world created?
  150. Do we get a kick out of intrigue?
  151. Michel Foucault?
  152. Can anyone recommend any good philosophical literature!?
  153. What value do we place on a child’s time?
  154. Queer Theory
  155. How did they accomplish the rarest of military feats?
  156. Is basic consciousness in early animal forms?
  157. What are we afraid of?
  158. Do you know Dewey?
  159. The fear of God
  160. The Power of Confidence
  161. The fear of death
  162. The joy of backwardness
  163. Can you see the blinders?
  164. Why God did not slay the Devil?
  165. Is ideology the bane of intellectual sophistication in the US?
  166. Is man the wisest species on earth?
  167. Can we connect philosophy with racism?
  168. Does baked-in bias (ideology) always win?
  169. Hearsay Hereafter
  170. Thoughts
  171. What truths would a wise person pursue?
  172. Favorite Quotes,
  173. Philip Blonde
  174. Philosophy Help Media Studies ?
  175. Philosphy for the summer
  176. Are we on a “Ship of Fools”?
  177. Is culpability & heinousness ingrained human genes?
  178. Did God create God?
  179. Where did “mid-life crisis” come from?
  180. Can inanimate objects carry expressive meaning?
  181. Is this the politician’s swan song?
  182. Have you ever doubted anthropomorphic polytheism?
  183. Does God influence our action?
  184. Why do you want to know God, life and the universe?
  185. What is Moral Folk Theory?
  186. Are we all neurotic?
  187. Why is ‘abstract idea’ like Wikipedia?
  188. Biomedical Ethics
  189. Is America a nation at risk?
  190. What is the aesthetic goal of plastic art?
  191. Stumbling upon a world of a new God, new religion and new values
  192. What is your ultimate goal in life?
  193. Fixing the answer
  194. The Force: has Technology trumped evolution?
  195. Please help with characteristics of dystopian literature
  196. What is the source of class distinction?
  197. Can you help me identify this short story?
  198. What are the motifs (central themes) of visual art?
  199. Can we learn to ask the Big Questions?
  200. My philosophy
  201. Can we survive Global Capitalism?
  202. Are most decisions moral decisions?
  203. Police and Professor: who had moral high ground?
  204. What unites all of humanity?
  205. Is imagination a ubiquitous creator in all thought?
  206. Why are some things ugly and others beautiful?
  207. Linguistic Studies
  208. Man is not responsible for his sins
  209. Why do we seek moral absolutes?
  210. Where does reason come from?
  211. How does the infant enter our symbolic world?
  212. Are Internet discussion forums the answer?
  213. Excerpt of a Near Death Experience
  214. Is more technology the answer?
  215. Is the observer himself the observed?
  216. If I know nothing can I be responsible for anything?
  217. Is time an abstract idea?
  218. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you
  219. What is relative and what is objective?
  220. What does the Cheetah and the human have in common?
  221. A Treatise on Atman
  222. Is positivism like trimming all fat from bacon?
  223. How do we gain power over death?
  224. If a person you loved/respected held a belief you hated, what would you do?
  225. What are “concrete concepts”?
  226. The Ubermensch
  227. What tool is available to break the hold of apathy?
  228. Where would we be sans ‘container schema’?
  229. How do animals form categories?
  230. Do we need a new farm system for elitism?
  231. Why does the fluttering red cape prevail?
  232. Is knowing about symbols and understanding about images?
  233. Do we perceive it because it is meaningful? Yes!
  234. Scientific vs. Socratic Method: the winner is?
  235. I challenge the student of quantum mechanics
  236. Net-worth and self-worth: what is difference?
  237. Freud's theory of the unconcious question
  238. How can I walk in the shoes of Socrates?
  239. • Once again questioning theism and atheism
  240. Why do seductive sound bites often win?
  241. When is a lie not a lie?
  242. Managing mass mind: heads I win tails you lose?
  243. Do the sophisticated practice demagoguery?
  244. Being Humble
  245. What your teacher can’t tell you, I will!
  246. And deliver me from all evil
  247. Transference: is it because we fear life?
  248. Whar are your values in life?
  249. When folk theory meets scientific theory?
  250. What other people think