Random drabs of awesome...
  1. When Daddy ripped the wall off the house to put new boards on.
  2. Dying the eggies for easter!
  3. Dyed eggies for Easter!
  4. How awesome am I?? 
I did this with my hand and it didn't even hurt. 
Btw, that digit in between my forefinger and index is my little pinky finger....
  5. Proof I won all of these: 
Kenken is fun. 
Before you win, ther blue ring isn't around the #x#
  6. Flower. 
My mummy likey her flowers. 
We likey them living.
  7. Sop. 
A real life Sop sign.  Take that The Simpsons!! 
Photoshopped it myself.  Pretty good.
  8. Checkers.  I was playing with my dad, nobody lost any pieces.  I moved last after he had to pass a shot, then there was nothing else we could do. ...
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