Loved Ones

The people in my life -- abridged.
  1. big brother
  2. ready or not
  3. izzy eyes -- look out world
  4. Eve 09 -- mum looks good
  5. AMB -- my youngest, newest -- the offspring of the LMW.
  6. Movie Star Myra -- my oldest, new child -- stay away all you gnarly old-goat dudes, she's 14!
  7. 1974 -- This Is Me!  Jimi Hendrix had just died but life went on.
  8. izzy blue eyes -- my darling granddaughter.
  9. The OB Method -- what can I say, I love this guy.
  10. qwntin isabel
  11. Happy Grampy wallet
  12. The Apple and the Tree
  13. My daughter, Eve, about 15 years old. 
I used to hate it when gnarly old-goat dudes (like me) stare at her in the mall when she walks by.  I'd yell...
  14. And God said: "You'd be a fool to let that one get away!"
  15. This is my dad, Paul K. Oliver, born April 11, in 1921, Artist, Father, worked for AT&T 43 years, though born in Boston, here he is standing on the...
  16. behind every good man -- The LMW has prohibited me from posting pictures of her on here.  I don't know who this is with me, but it bears a striking...
  17. paul and q -- Taken a few years back, here is a great shot of my son and grandson.
  18. able body -- Here I am on two legs, hamming it up as usual.
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