Pre Rafaelistas

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MMmm... mi colección de pinturas pre-rafaelistas
  1. The Wedding of St. George and the Princess Sabra (Dante Gabriel Rossetti=
  2. TITANES (Cornelis van Haarlem -  Val der Titanen)
  3. To Valhalla (Konrad Dielitz)
  4. The Temptation of Sir Percival (Arthur Hacker)
  5. The Valkyrie (Peter Arbo)
  6. The Valkyrie's Vigil (Edward Robert Hughes)
  7. The Ride of the Valkyries (William T.Maud)
  8. The Sleeping Beauty   John Collier
  9. The Sword (Alfred Pierre Agache)   For justice only
  10. The Northen Gods Decending (William Gersham Collingwood)
  11. The Queen of the Tournament, Ivanhoe (Frank William Warwick Topham)
  12. The Rescue of Guinevere (William Hatherell)
  13. The last Voyage of the Viking (Robert Gibb)
  14. The Merciful Knight   Edward Burne Jones
  15. The Mirror of Venus   Edward Burne Jones
  16. The Kiss (Francesco Hayes)
  17. The Knight of the Holy Grail (Frederick Judd Waugh)
  18. The Lamentation of King Arthur ( William Bell Scott)
  19. The Farewell ( James Joseph Jacques Tissot)
  20. The Garden of Hesperides   Edward Burne Jones
  21. The horses of Neptune (Walter Crane)
  22. Sleeping Beauty (Henry Meynell Rheam)
  23. Stitching the Standard (Edmund Leighton)
  24. The Dream of Launcelot at the Chapel of the San Graal    
Edward Burne Jones
  25. Romeo y Julieta (Dicksee)
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