These are things.
  1. First snow.
  2. This is what happens when me and Ben (skib) get drunk and wander into the neighbors' horse corral. 
(This is skib, not me, as if the beard wasn't a...
  3. Notice the hand on the feeder for stability?? If I remember right this horse was very spooky. I think we named him spooky.
  4. Looking over the frost covered valley
  5. More frost on trees
  6. First snow of 09. Middle of October.
  7. Stupid turkeys don't know how to turn off the road. I bet I chased them for 3 minutes before they realized that there is more to the world than that...
  8. Some bison
  9. Its cold out. You can tell how big my coat is just by my shadow.
  10. Good view of "The Indian"
  11. Frost on a bulls back (buffalo bull that is) 
Its a bit blurry and sideways I know but he was walking off so I hurried to snap it.
  12. Just a cool picture of the pond steam.
  13. Rhett, my favorite horse, and I.
  14. Rhett says "What the hell are you doing?"
  15. This is one of the cow moose that lives on the ranch, she had twins this year which is pretty rare and neat.
  16. Apparently its hard to take pictures of people riding by you at high speed.
  17. B.B. and I? I think thats B.B.
  18. "Why are you staring at me?"
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