Dedicated to...

Each one of these pictures in this album are dedicated to one person. Either because the picture reminds me of them, or way or another, the picture is theirs.
  1. Since I couldn't make one especially for you...this one's all yours Maxey. Thanks for being my friend!
  2. Please, not ever stop liking Les Miserables! This is for you! Labeled yours. A Les Mis pic you can say is yours. :)
  3. mrv. From the beginning, you have been a good friend! this one's all yours!
  4. For PeterL. I saw this picture and I thought you would like these white lions. So I left a little message and dedicated this picture to you. :D
  5. Nyu. I know you love piano music. So I dedicate this to you.
  6. To Maximilianus, for letting me steal this one for my personal use. I wonder if you knew I loved tigers? I'm sorry I couldn't make this one yours,...
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