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Summary Chapter 18

Codlin arrives first at The Jolly Sandboys, which is an inn. He was worried that the rooms would all be let by other traveling performers, but the place is still empty. Codlin appreciates the warm fire and the delicious smelling stew, and for once seems content with the world. He orders a beer while he waits for supper to be ready. He informs the landlord his companions will be arriving shortly.

Short, Nell, and the grandfather arrive drenched from the rain and out of breath. However, they are also cheered by the warm fire and the smell of dinner. Nell and the grandfather fall asleep.

Short and Codlin discuss them with the landlord. They admit they don’t know who they are. Codlin thinks they are no good. Short says that they are harmless, but the grandfather is not right in the head. He believes they are new to this life. Since the old man is anxious to get away, Short assumes that he is running away from friends of his. He believes the old man has enticed this young girl to be his companion. Short decides he is not going to stand for that, and as soon as they want to part company—Short is going to turn him over to his friends.

Codlin is getting impatient for the food to be served. However, he informs Short that he wants part of the reward money—if there is one—that he is entitled to it as his partner. Short agrees, but they quickly change to a casual conversation as Nell wakes up.

They are joined by a man named Jerry and his dancing dogs. The group eats supper. Nell is about to share some of her meal with the dogs, but the owner tells her not to. He is punishing one of the dogs for losing money.

Charles Dickens