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Summary Chapter 14

Kit makes an excuse to pass by the Curiosity shop. It is now deserted. Within the few hours, one of the windows has been broken. A group of loiterers have congregated on the front steps, and the legend of a ghost has been created to explain the mystery of the former occupants.

Kit is looking to earn some money by holding a gentleman’s horse, but none of the gentlemen seem to be stopping. Finally, he sees a horse-drawn cart approach. The driver tells him he’ll have the job if he follows him to the next street where his destination is.

The driver stops at Witherden Notary. Mr. Witherden is complimenting the couple on what a pleasure it has been to handle their son’s business, that there is no finer fellow than he. The parents are pleased with the praise.

The Garlands married late in life and waited many years to earn enough money to have a family. They consider themselves fortunate that they were blessed with one child who was always dutiful and affectionate. Abel Garland is a quiet-voiced lad who has always preferred his parents’ company. The one time he went on a day’s holiday without out them, he had become ill when he realized he was separated from them.

Witherden notarizes a document. The couple and their son take their leave. Mr. Garland realizes he doesn’t have a sixpence, and nobody else has one either. None of the shops are open to exchange money, so he gives Kit a shilling. He tells him to come back next Monday to work off the extra money he has received. Kit agrees, and everyone laughs—not expecting him to do it. Kit buys some birdseed and other items.  

Charles Dickens