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Summary Chapter 68

Kit gradually learns, to his great joy, that he has been pardoned. The shock and tremendous emotion causes him to faint. Mr. Garland comes to pick him up. One of the gentleman who handled his pardon gives him some money, and Kit puts it into a box for poor prisoners.

They return to the Garland house, where Kit is greeted by his family and friends. Barbara is going between fainting and hysterics. Bevis Marks gives Kit a silver watch. The group celebrates with food and drink. Kit goes out to see pony, who is happy to see him. Barbara comes out, and Kit kisses her.

The guests are staying the night at the Garland house. Mr. Garland calls Kit aside and asks if he is willing to go on a journey the next morning. Mr. Garland and Bevis Marks have located Nell and her grandfather. She is happy, but she is ailing. Mr. Garland learned of their location through The Bachelor, who is his brother. Though fond of each other, they have communicated through letter for years. He had received a letter from his brother discussing the grandfather and child, and Mr. Garland—thinking it was the same two they were looking for—sent an inquiry. The Bachelor confirmed their identities.

Charles Dickens