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Summary Chapter 65

Marchioness is careful about who she asks directions from to learn the way to the Notary’s office, knowing that the Brasses are looking for her and have put out an advertisement. She avoids well-lit shops that attract well-to-do people. She also takes a roundabout way to her destination. Her trip is made difficult by her overly large shoes, which often get flung off—and requires her to search for them amidst the crowd of people.

She peeks into the Notary’s office and sees Mr. Chuckster, Mr. Witherden, and Mr. Abel Garland. She waits for Abel Garland to come out, thinking it is the best way to speak to him without Mr. Chuckster overhearing.

The Garland pony comes up to the office, being very difficult. Abel Garland comes out and remarks this is the first time the pony has been out since Kit was arrested. The pony had refused to budge previously. Mr. Abel takes hold of the reins and is more successful in getting the pony to cooperate.

Marchioness runs after the chaise and calls to Mr. Abel, who doesn’t hear her. She jumps onto the back of the wagon, losing one of her shoes in the process forever. Mr. Abel doesn’t notice that he’s picked up an extra passenger until she gets his attention. Marchioness explains that she has been sent by someone who can prove Kit’s innocence.

Mr. Abel drives to Mr. Swiveller’s place. Mr. Abel is a little nervous about this errand, remembering stories he’s heard of guides luring victims to a destination to rob and murder them. However, his desire to help Kit overrides his fears.

When they reach the apartment, Mr. Swiveller orders Marchioness to repeat her story to Mr. Abel. Swiveller, after she is done, tells Mr. Abel he knows what to do with the information. Swiveller tells Mr. Abel that he will be able to find the both of them at the apartment if he needs them.

Charles Dickens