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Summary Chapter 59

Mr. Sampson Brass is not his usual self when Kit comes down from visiting Mr. Marks. Kit asks if anything is the matter. Brass denies anything is wrong, and inquires after the health of Mr. Marks. Kit says he has improved. Brass asks about the other members of the Garland family, and Kit answers the questions in a satisfactory manner.

Brass is inattentive and impatient. He offers to employ Kit’s mother and to set her up in rent-free housing. Kit is grateful. Brass has been shuffling through his papers like he is looking for something. He asks Kit to mind the office until he or Dick Swiveller comes back. He goes upstairs.

Mr. Swiveller returns, and Kit departs. When Mr. Brass returns, he claims he can’t find a five pound note he had left on the table. Brass and Swiveller run after Kit. Brass tells Kit that something is missing from the office. Kit protests his innocence. Brass asks if he minds coming back with them quietly, and Kit agrees. When they reach the office, Brass asks Kit if he can search him. Kit agrees. They find the missing bill in Kit’s hat. Kit is stunned, and Brass asks Swiveller to fetch the constable.  

Charles Dickens