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Summary Chapter 57

Mr. Garland and Mr. Marks become close friends, particularly after Mr. Marks suffers from a slight illness. They correspond and see each other daily. Kit always accompanies the Garlands, since the pony refuses to move for anyone else. While Marks is ill, Kit acts like a postman and comes to his apartment every day.

Sampson Brass is always happy to see Kit. He compliments Kit on how well he maintains the pony, which Kit takes much pride in. Kit thinks that Mr. Brass is a very nice man.

Whenever Kit comes alone, Brass sends Swiveller off on some errand. He invites Kit into his office. He always has Kit take some half-crowns with him, which Kit assumes is the continuing generosity of Mr. Marks.

Dick Swiveller, often left alone in the evenings now, buys some playing cards and a cribbage board. He notices that the small servant girl watches him through the keyhole. One night he confronts her. He learns, much to his embarrassment, that she has watched him for quite a while—desiring company.

He invites her in to teach her how to play, but she is afraid Sally Brass would kill her if she found out. Therefore, he goes down to her room in the basement. He notices how thin she is. He asks how old she is, and she claims she doesn’t know.

He orders some food and gives her some. Then he teaches her a card game. He names her Marchioness. He puts two coins on the table—saying that if she wins, she can have them. He lets her start the game.

Charles Dickens