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Summary Chapter 56

Mr. Swiveller enters the office, reflecting how his fondest hopes are always dashed. This has been a common occurrence since his childhood. He answers the door and greets Mr. Chuckster. Mr. Chuckster was seeing to some business and decided to drop in.

Mr. Chuckster tells Dick that there is no gossip. Mr. Marks is an extraordinary person in his elusiveness. Mr. Chuckster can’t understand why Mr. Marks would choose to befriend someone like Kit, who is soft and slow, when he could have someone more knowledgeable like him. Mr. Marks has also befriended the Garlands and has been staying with them quite often since his return. Mr. Chuckster is convinced that Kit is a low thief who will one day show his true colors.

Kit shows up at the office, asking for Mr. Marks. He has a letter from Mr. Garland for him. Dick says he’ll give the letter to Mr. Marks, but Kit says he is to give it to Mr. Marks personally. Mr. Chuckster, who has already been making comments about Kit’s rudeness and audacity, becomes more incensed. He threatens to kill him. Kit remains cool and good-humored. Dick Swiveller is embarrassed.

Mr. Marks calls out to Kit from his room. Kit goes up to see him. Sampson Brass and Sally Brass return to the office, full of good cheer. Mr. Chuckster takes his leave. Dick Swiveller tells the Brasses that Kit has come to see Mr. Marks. Sampson Brass gives Dick a letter to deliver.

When Kit comes downstairs, Sampson Brass calls him into his office. He overwhelms Kit with flattery, telling him how much he respects him. He tells Kit to take some half-crowns on the desk, hinting they are from Mr. Marks.

Charles Dickens