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Summary Chapter 40

The next morning, Kit leaves money for his mom and goes to meet Barbara and her mom at the appointed place. Everyone is initially cross, tired out from the day before. They criticize the things they had enjoyed the night before. However, as they continue to walk in the sunshine, their spirits improve. However, Barbara is unusually quiet.

Kit rubs down the pony, and then he helps Mr. Garland in the garden. Mr. Garland comments on Kit making a new friend—Mr. Bevis Marks. Kit confirms this. Garland informs him that Marks wants to employ him. Kit doesn’t believe it, as he has heard nothing of it. Garland says Marks told Abel this. He tells Kit that Marks can offer him more money, and since he is searching for Nell and her grandfather—there is a possibility that Kit will be reunited with them if he goes to work for Marks.

Kit momentarily is tempted, but says he would be a fool to accept. They had taken him off the street when he was poor and had been kind to him. He is the only one that can handle Whiskers (the pony). Mr. Abel said he hoped Kit would stay long in their employ. His mother and little brother would cry if he left. Nell, if she came back, would be a rich lady and not want him anyway—though he would like to see her.

Barbara comes with a note from a messenger at the office and gives it to Mr. Garland. He tells her to send the messenger in. He then tells Kit they would be as unwilling to part with him. However, they must consent to loaning him to Mr. Marks—and so must he.

Mr. Chuckster enters. Mr. Garland asks if Kit is to go with him, and Chuckster affirms this. They invite him to lunch, which he accepts. He talks non-stop about the discrepancies between local gossip and the true story behind it.

Chuckster and Kit leave for the Notary’s office. Kit waits a very long time for Bevis Marks to show up. When Marks finally arrives, he is impatient. He talks privately to Witherden and Abel. Then he calls to Kit and informs him that he has finally found Nell and her grandfather. Kit is delighted. Marks claims they are seventy miles away, but he is going to fetch them. He wants Kit to come along because Nell doesn’t know Marks and will doubt his good intentions. However, she will trust Kit.

Kit tells Marks that he would like to go, but the grandfather has taken a dislike to him for some reason unknown to him. Nell had warned him not to come near them. Therefore, he feels he will jeopardize the mission’s goal. Marks asks if there is anyone else they would trust. Kit says they would trust his mother. He goes to fetch her and prepare her for the journey.

Charles Dickens