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Summary Chapter 22

The next day is a busy one for the Nubbles family as they get Kit’s wardrobe. They dispatch the box to the Garland’s house. They have much anxiety about it getting lost or stolen, and Kit vows never to send anything by courier again. Kit is also concerned about how his mom will manage after he is gone. He promises to write often and visit when he can. He chides his mother about visiting Little Bethel, which puts her and the children into a sad humor by telling them that enjoying all of life’s little pleasures makes them sinners.

He sets off for the Garland house, proud of his new attire. He finds his box safely delivered. He admires the beautiful, neat cottage and garden. He rings the doorbell, but he has to wait a while before a servant girl answers. She explains they were busy trying to capture the pony.

His new employers greet and survey his new clothes. He is shown to his room. Mr. Garland shows him around—offering advice, promises, and telling him his duties. Kit thanks him, assuring he will be good at his post. They tell Barbara, the servant girl, to give him something to eat and drink.

Kit eats awkwardly under the watchful eye of the pretty Barbara. She seems just as embarrassed by his presence, uncertain what she should say or do.

Charles Dickens