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Military Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton


From the
Dutch War, 1672.

In which he Serv'd, to the
Conclusion of the Peace at
Utrecht, 1713.

Illustrating Some of the most Remarkable Transactions, both by Sea, and Land,
during the Reigns of King Charles and King
James II. hitherto unobserved by all the Writers of those

Together with

An exact Series of the War in Spain; and a particular Description
of the several Places of the Author's Residence in
many Cities, Towns, and Countries; their Customs,
Manners, &c. Also Observations on the Genius of the
Spaniards (among whom he continued some Years a
Prisoner) their Monasteries and Nunneries (especially that
fine one at Montserat) and on their publick Diversions;
more particularly their famous Bull-Feasts.

LONDON, Printed for E. SYMON, over against the Royal
Exchange, Cornhill, MDCCXXVIII.


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