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Abich, on a new variety of feldspar.

Abrolhos islands.

Absence of recent formations on the S. American coasts.

Aguerros on elevation of Imperial.

Albite, constituent mineral in andesite.
--in rocks of Tierra del Fuego.
--in porphyries.
--crystals of, with orthite.

Alison, Mr., on elevation of Valparaiso.

Alumina, sulphate of.

Ammonites from Concepcion.

Amolanas, Las.

Amygdaloid, curious varieties of.

Amygdaloids of the Uspallata range.
--of Copiapo.

Andesite of Chile.
--in the valley of Maypu.
--of the Cumbre pass.
--of the Uspallata range.
--of Los Hornos.
--of Copiapo.

Anhydrite, concretions of.

Araucaria, silicified wood of.
Arica, elevation of.

Arqueros, mines of.

Ascension, gypsum deposited on.
--laminated volcanic rocks of.

Augite in fragments, in gneiss.
--with albite, in lava.

Austin, Mr. R.A.C., on bent cleavage lamina.

Austin, Captain, on sea-bottom.

Australia, foliated rocks of.

Azara labiata, beds of, at San Pedro.

Baculites vagina.

Bahia Blanca, elevation of.
--formations near.
--character of living shells of.

Bahia (Brazil), elevation near.
--crystalline rocks of.

Ballard, M., on the precipitation of sulphate of soda.

Banda Oriental, tertiary formations of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Barnacles above sea-level.
--adhering to upraised shells.

Basalt of S. Cruz.
--streams of, in the Portillo range.
--in the Uspallata range.

Basin chains of Chile.

Beagle Channel.

Beaumont, Elie de, on inclination of lava-streams.
--on viscid quartz-rocks.

Beech-tree, leaves of fossil.

Beechey, Captain, on sea-bottom.

Belcher, Lieutenant, on elevated shells from Concepcion.

Bella Vista, plain of.

Benza, Dr., on decomposed granite.

Bettington, Mr., on quadrupeds transported by rivers.

Blake, Mr., on the decay of elevated shells near Iquique.
--on nitrate of soda.


Bollaert, Mr., on mines of Iquique.

Bones, silicified.
--fossil, fresh condition of.

Bottom of sea off Patagonia.

Bougainville, on elevation of the Falkland islands.

Boulder formation of S. Cruz.
--of Falkland islands.
--anterior to certain extinct quadrupeds.
--of Tierra del Fuego.

Boulders in the Cordillera.
--transported by earthquake-waves.
--in fine-grained tertiary deposits.

Brande, Mr., on a mineral spring.

Bravais, M., on elevation of Scandinavia.

Brazil, elevation of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Broderip, Mr., on elevated shells from Concepcion.

Brown, Mr. R., on silicified wood of Uspallata range.

Brown, on silicified wood.

Bucalema, elevated shells near.

Buch, Von, on cleavage.
--on cretaceous fossils of the Cordillera.
--on the sulphureous volcanoes of Java.

Buenos Ayres.

Burchell, Mr., on elevated shells of Brazil.

Byron, on elevated shells.

Cachapual, boulders in valley of.

Caldcleugh, Mr., on elevation of Coquimbo.
--on rocks of the Portillo range.

Callao, elevation near.
--old town of.

Cape of Good Hope, metamorphic rocks of.

Carcharias megalodon.

Carpenter, Dr., on microscopic organisms.

Castro (Chiloe), beds near.

Cauquenes Baths, boulders near.
--pebbles in porphyry near.
--volcanic formation near.
--stratification near.

Caves above sea-level.

Cervus pumilus, fossil-horns of.

Chevalier, M., on elevation near Lima.

Chile, structure of country between the Cordillera and the Pacific.
--tertiary formations of.
--crystalline rocks in.
--central, geology of.
--northern, geology of.

Chiloe, gravel on coast.
--elevation of.
--tertiary formation of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Chlorite-schist, near M. Video.

Chonos archipelago, tertiary formations of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Chupat, Rio, scoriae transported by.

Claro, Rio, fossiliferous beds of.

Clay-shale of Los Hornos.

Clay-slate, formation of, Tierra del Fuego.
--of Concepcion.
--feldspathic, of Chile.
-- --of the Uspallata range.
--black siliceous, band of, in porphyritic formations of Chile.

Claystone porphyry, formation of, in Chile.
--origin of.
--eruptive sources of.

Cleavage, definition of.
--at Bahia.
--Rio de Janeiro.
--Monte Video.
--S. Guitru-gueyu.
--Falkland I.
--Tierra del Fuego.
--Chonos I.
--discussion on.

Cleavage-laminae superficially bent.

Cliffs, formation of.

Climate, late changes in.
--of Chile during tertiary period.

Coal of Concepcion.
--S. Lorenzo.

Coast-denudation of St. Helena.

Cobija, elevation of.

Colombia, cretaceous formation of.

Colonia del Sacramiento, elevation of.
--Pampean formation near Colorado, Rio, gravel of.
--sand-dunes of.
--Pampean formation near.


Concepcion, elevation of.
--deposits of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Conchalee, gravel-terraces of.

Concretions of gypsum, at Iquique.
--in sandstone at S. Cruz.
--in tufaceous tuff of Chiloe.
--in gneiss.
--in claystone-porphyry at Port Desire.
--in gneiss at Valparaiso.
--in metamorphic rocks.
--of anhydrite.
--relations of, to veins.

Conglomerate claystone of Chile.
--of Tenuyan.
--of the Cumbre Pass.
--of Rio Claro.
--of Copiapo.

Cook, Captain, on form of sea-bottom.

Copiapo, elevation of.
--tertiary formations of.
--secondary formations of.

Copper, sulphate of.
--native, at Arqueros.
--mines of, at Panuncillo.
--veins, distribution of.

Coquimbo, elevation and terraces of.
--tertiary formations of.
--secondary formations of.

Corallines living on pebbles.

Cordillera, valleys bordered by gravel fringes.
--basal strata of.
--fossils of.
--elevation of.
--gypseous formations of.
--claystone-porphyries of.
--andesitic rocks of.
--volcanoes of.

Coste, M., on elevation of Lemus.

Coy inlet, tertiary formation of.

Crassatella Lyellii.

Cruickshanks, Mr., on elevation near Lima.

Crystals of feldspar, gradual formation of, at Port Desire.

Cumbre, Pass of, in Cordillera.

Cuming, Mr., on habits of the Mesodesma.
--on range of living shells on west coast.

Dana, Mr., on foliated rocks.
--on amygdaloids.

Darwin, Mount.

D'Aubuisson, on concretions.
--on foliated rocks.
Decay, gradual, of upraised shells.

Decomposition of granite rocks.

De la Beche, Sir H., his theoretical researches in geology.
--on the action of salt on calcareous rocks.
--on bent cleavage-laminae.

Denudation on coast of Patagonia.
--great powers of.
--of the Portillo range.

Deposits, saline.

Despoblado, valley of.

Detritus, nature of, in Cordillera.

Devonshire, bent cleavage in.

Dikes, in gneiss of Brazil.
--near Rio de Janeiro.
--pseudo, at Port Desire.
--in Tierra del Fuego.
--in Chonos archipelago, containing quartz.
--near Concepcion, with quartz.
--granitic-porphyritic, at Valparaiso.
--rarely vesicular in Cordillera.
--absent in the central ridges of the Portillo pass.
--of the Portillo range, with grains of quartz.
--intersecting each other often.
--numerous at Copiapo.

Domeyko, M., on the silver mines of Coquimbo.
on the fossils of Coquimbo.

D'Orbigny, M. A., on upraised shells of Monte Video.
--on elevated shells at St. Pedro.
--on elevated shells near B. Ayres.
--on elevation of S. Blas.
--on the sudden elevation of La Plata.
--on elevated shells near Cobija.
--on elevated shells near Arica.
--on the climate of Peru.
--on salt deposits of Cobija.
--on crystals of gypsum in salt-lakes.
--on absence of gypsum in the Pampean formation.
--on fossil remains from Bahia Blanca.
--on fossil remains from the banks of the Parana.
--on the geology of St. Fe.
--on the age of Pampean formation.
--on the Mastodon Andium.
--on the geology of the Rio Negro.
--on the character of the Patagonian fossils.
--on fossils from Concepcion.
-- --from Coquimbo.
-- --from Payta.
--on fossil tertiary shells of Chile.
--on cretaceous fossils of Tierra del Fuego.
-- --from the Cordillera of Chile.

Earth, marine origin of.

Earthenware, fossil.

Earthquake, effect of, at S. Maria.
--elevation during, at Lemus.
--of 1822, at Valparaiso.
--effects of, in shattering surface.
--fissures made by.
--probable effects on cleavage.

Earthquakes in Pampas.

Earthquake-waves, power of, in throwing up shells.
--effects of, near Lima.
--power of, in transporting boulders.

Edmonston, Mr., on depths at which shells live at Valparaiso.

Ehrenberg, Professor, on infusoria in the Pampean formation.
--on infusoria in the Patagonian formation.

Elevation of La Plata.
--Bahia Blanca.
--San Blas.
--Tierra del Fuego.
--Falkland islands.
--Chonos archipelago.
--sudden, at S. Maria.
-- --at Lemus.
--insensible, at Chiloe.
-- --at Valparaiso.
-- --at Coquimbo.
--axes of, at Chiloe.
-- --at P. Rumena.
--at Concepcion.
--unfavourable for the accumulation of permanent deposits.
--lines of, parallel to cleavage and foliation.
--lines of, oblique to foliation.
--areas of, causing lines of elevation and cleavage.
--lines of, in the Cordillera.
--slow, in the Portillo range.
--two periods of, in Cordillera of Central Chile.
--of the Uspallata range.
--two periods of, in Cumbre Pass.
--horizontal, in the Cordillera of Copiapo.
--axes of, coincident with volcanic orifices.
--of the Cordillera, summary on.

Elliott, Captain, on human remains.

Ensenada, elevated shells of.

Entre Rios, geology of.

Equus curvidens.

Epidote in Tierra del Fuego.
--in gneiss.
--frequent in Chile.
--in the Uspallata range.
--in porphyry of Coquimbo.

Erman, M., on andesite.
Escarpments, recent, of Patagonia.

Extinction of fossil mammifers.

Falkland islands, elevation of.
--pebbles on coast.
--geology of.

Falkner, on saline incrustations.

Faults, great, in Cordillera.

Feldspar, earthy, metamorphosis of, at Port Desire.
--crystals of, with albite.
--orthitic, in conglomerate of Tenuyan.
--in granite of Portillo range.
--in porphyries in the Cumbre Pass.

Feuillee on sea-level at Coquimbo.

Fissures, relations of, to concretions.
--upfilled, at Port Desire.
--in clay-slate.

Fitton, Dr., on the geology of Tierra del Fuego.

Fitzroy, Captain, on the elevation of the Falkland islands.
--on the elevation of Concepcion.

Foliation, definition of.
--of rocks at Bahia.
--Rio de Janeiro.
--Monte Video.
--S. Guitru-gueyu.
--Falkland I.
--Tierra del Fuego.
--Chonos archipelago.
--discussion on.

Forbes, Professor E., on cretaceous fossils of Concepcion.
--on cretaceous fossils and subsidence in Cumbre Pass.
--on fossils from Guasco.
-- --from Coquimbo.
-- --from Copiapo.
--on depths at which shells live.

Formation, Pampean.
-- --area of.
-- --estuary origin.
--tertiary of Entre Rios.
--of Banda Oriental.
--volcanic, in Banda Oriental.
--of Patagonia.
--summary on.
--tertiary of Tierra del Fuego.
-- --of the Chonos archipelago.
-- --of Chiloe.
-- --of Chile.
-- --of Concepcion.
-- --of Navidad.
-- --of Coquimbo.
-- --of Peru.
-- --subsidence during.
--volcanic, of Tres Montes.
-- --of Chiloe.
-- --old, near Maldonado.
-- --with laminar structure.
-- --ancient, in Tierra del Fuego.
--recent, absent on S. American coast.
--metamorphic, of claystone-porphyry of Patagonia.
--foliation of.
--plutonic, with laminar structure.
--palaeozoic, of the Falkland I.
--claystone, at Concepcion.
--Jurassic, of Cordillera.
--Neocomian, of the Portillo Pass.
--volcanic, of Cumbre Pass.
--gypseous, of Los Hornos.
-- --of Coquimbo.
-- --of Guasco.
-- --of Copiapo.
-- --of Iquique.
--cretaceo-oolitic, of Coquimbo.
-- --of Guasco.
-- --of Copiapo.
-- --of Iquique.

Fossils, Neocomian, of Portillo Pass.
-- --of Cumbre Pass.
--secondary, of Coquimbo.
-- --of Guasco.
-- --of Copiapo.
-- --of Iquique.
--palaeozoic, from the Falklands.

Fragments of hornblende-rock in gneiss.
--of gneiss in gneiss.

Freyer, Lieutenant, on elevated shells of Arica.

Frezier on sea-level at Coquimbo.

Galapagos archipelago, pseudo-dikes of.

Gallegos, Port, tertiary formation of.

Garnets in gneiss.
--in mica-slate.
--at Panuncillo.

Gardichaud, M., on granites of Brazil.

Gay, M., on elevated shells.
--on boulders in the Cordillera.
--on fossils from Cordillera of Coquimbo.

Gill, Mr., on brickwork transported by an earthquake-wave.

Gillies, Dr., on heights in the Cordillera.
--on extension of the Portillo range.

Glen Roy, parallel roads of.
--sloping terraces of.

Gneiss, near Bahia.
--of Rio de Janeiro.
--decomposition of.

Gold, distribution of.

Gorodona, formations near.
Granite, axis of oblique, to foliation.
--of Portillo range.
--veins of, quartzose.
--pebble of, in porphyritic conglomerate.

Grauwacke of Uspallata range.

Gravel at bottom of sea.
--formation of, in Patagonia.
--means of transportation of.
--strata of, inclined.

Gravel-terraces in Cordillera.

Greenough, Mr., on quartz veins.

Greenstone, resulting from metamorphose hornblende-rock.
--of Tierra del Fuego.
--on the summit of the Campana of Quillota.
--relation of, to clay-slate.

Gryphaea orientalis.

Guasco, elevation of.
--secondary formation of.

Guitru-gueyu, Sierra.

Guyana, gneissic rocks of.

Gypsum, nodules of, in gravel at Rio Negro.
--deposited from sea-water.
--deposits of, at Iquique.
--crystals of, in salt lakes.
--in Pampean formation.
--in tertiary formation of Patagonia.
--great formation of, in the Portillo Pass.
-- --in the Cumbre Pass.
-- --near Los Hornos.
-- --at Coquimbo.
-- --at Copiapo.
-- --near Iquique.
--of San Lorenzo.

Hall, Captain, on terraces at Coquimbo.

Hamilton, Mr., on elevation near Tacna.

Harlan, Dr., on human remains.

Hayes, Mr. A., on nitrate of soda.

Henslow, Professor, on concretions.

Herbert, Captain, on valleys in the Himalaya.

Herradura Bay, elevated shells of.
--tertiary formations of.

Himalaya, valleys in.

Hippurites Chilensis.

Hitchcock, Professor, on dikes.

Honestones, pseudo, of Coquimbo.
--of Copiapo.

Hooker, Dr. J.D., on fossil beech-leaves.

Hopkins, Mr., on axes of elevation oblique to foliation.
--on origin of lines of elevation.

Hornblende-rock, fragments of, in gneiss.

Hornblende-schist, near M. Video.

Hornos, Los, section near.

Hornstone, dike of.

Horse, fossil tooth of.

Huafo island.
--subsidence at.

Huantajaya, mines of.

Humboldt, on saline incrustations.
--on foliations of gneiss.
--on concretions in gneiss.

Icebergs, action on cleavage.

Illapel, section near.

Imperial, beds of shells near.

Incrustations, saline.

Infusoria in Pampean formation.
--in Patagonian formation.

Iodine, salts of.

Iquique, elevation of.
--saliferous deposits of.
--cretaceo-oolitic formation of.

Iron, oxide of, in lavas.
--in sedimentary beds.
--tendency in, to produce hollow concretions.
--sulphate of.

Isabelle, M., on volcanic rocks of Banda Oriental.

Joints in clay-slate.

Jukes, Mr., on cleavage in Newfoundland.

Kamtschatka, andesite of.

Kane, Dr., on the production of carbonate of soda.

King George's sound, calcareous beds of.

Lakes, origin of.
--fresh-water, near salt lakes.

Lava, basaltic, of S. Cruz.
--claystone-porphyry, at Chiloe.
-- --ancient submarine.
--basaltic, of the Portillo range.
--feldspathic, of the Cumbre Pass.
--submarine, of the Uspallata range.
--basaltic, of the Uspallata range.
--submarine, of Coquimbo.
--of Copiapo.

Lemus island.

Lemuy islet.

Lignite of Chiloe.
--of Concepcion.

Lima, elevation of.

Lime, muriate of.

Limestone of Cumbre Pass.
--of Coquimbo.
--of Copiapo.

Lund and Clausen on remains of caves in Brazil.

Lund, M., on granites of Brazil.

Lyell, M., on upraised shells retaining their colours.
--on terraces at Coquimbo.
--on elevation near Lima.
--on fossil horse's tooth.
--on the boulder-formation being anterior to the extinction of North
American mammifers.
--on quadrupeds washed down by floods.
--on age of American fossil mammifers.
--on changes of climate.
--on denudation.
--on foliation.

MacCulloch, Dr., on concretions.
--on beds of marble.

Maclaren, Mr., letter to, on coral-formations.

Macrauchenia Patachonica.

Madeira, subsidence of.

Magellan, Strait, elevation near, of.

Magnesia, sulphate of, in veins.

Malcolmson, Dr., on trees carried out to sea.

Maldonado, elevation of.
--Pampean formation of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Mammalia, fossil, of Bahia Blanca.
-- --near St. Fe.
-- --of Banda Oriental.
-- --of St. Julian.
-- --at Port Gallegos.
--washed down by floods.
--number of remains of, and range of, in Pampas.

Man, skeletons of (Brazil).
--remains of, near Lima.
--Indian, antiquity of.

Marble, beds of.

Maricongo, ravine of.

Marsden, on elevation of Sumatra.

Mastodon Andium, remains of.
--range of.

Maypu, Rio, mouth of, with upraised shells.
--gravel fringes of.
--debouchement from the Cordillera.

Megalonyx, range of.

Megatherium, range of.

Miers, Mr., on elevated shells.
--on the height of the Uspallata plain.

Minas, Las.

Mocha Island, elevation of.
--tertiary form of.
--subsidence at.

Molina, on a great flood.

Monte Hermoso, elevation of.
--fossils of.

Monte Video, elevation of.
--Pampean formation of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Morris and Sharpe, Messrs., on the palaeozoic fossils of the Falklands.

Mud, Pampean.
--long deposited on the same area.

Murchison, Sir R., on cleavage.
--on waves transporting gravel.
--on origin of salt formations.
--on the relations of metalliferous veins and intrusive rocks.
--on the absence of granite in the Ural.

Nautilus d'Orbignyanus.

Navidad, tertiary formations of, subsidence of.

Negro, Rio, pumice of pebbles of.
--gravel of.
--salt lakes of.
--tertiary strata of.

North America, fossil remains of.

North Wales, sloping terraces absent in.
--bent cleavage of.

Neuvo Gulf, plains of.
--tertiary formation of.

Owen, Professor, on fossil mammiferous remains.

Palmer, Mr., on transportation of gravel.

Pampas, elevation of.
--earthquakes of.
--formation of.
--localities in which fossil mammifers have been found.

Panuncillo, mines of.

Parana, Rio, on saline incrustations.
--Pampean formations near.
--on the S. Tandil.

Parish, Sir W., on elevated shells near Buenos Ayres.
--on earthquakes in the Pampas.
--on fresh-water near salt lakes.
--on origin of Pampean formation.

Patagonia, elevation and plains of.
--denudation of.
--gravel-formation of.
--sea-cliffs of.
--subsidence during tertiary period.
--crystalline rocks of.

Payta, tertiary formations of.

Pebbles of pumice.
--decrease in size on the coast of Patagonia.
--means of transportation.
--encrusted with living corallines.
--distribution of, at the eastern foot of Cordillera.
--dispersal of, in the Pampas.
--zoned with colour.

Pentland, Mr., on heights in the Cordillera.
--on fossils of the Cordillera.


Peru, tertiary formations of.

Peuquenes, Pass of, in the Cordillera.
--ridge of.

Pholas, elevated shells of.

Pitchstone of Chiloe.
--of Port Desire.
--near Cauquenes.
--layers of, in the Uspallata range.
--of Los Hornos.
--of Coquimbo.

Plains of Patagonia.
--of Chiloe.
--of Chile.
--of Uspallata.
--on eastern foot of Cordillera.
--of Iquique.

Plata, La, elevation of.
--tertiary formation of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Playfair, Professor, on the transportation of gravel.

Pluclaro, axis of.

Pondicherry, fossils of.

Porcelain rocks of Port Desire.
--of the Uspallata range.

Porphyry, pebbles of, strewed over Patagonia.

Porphyry, claystone, of Chiloe,
-- --of Patagonia.
-- --of Chile.
--greenstone, of Chile.
--doubly columnar.
--claystone, rare, on the eastern side of the Portillo Pass.
--brick-red and orthitic, of Cumbre Pass.
--intrusive, repeatedly injected.
--claystone of the Uspallata range.
-- --of Copiapo.
-- --eruptive sources of.

Port Desire, elevation and plains of.
--tertiary formation of.
--porphyries of.

Portillo Pass in the Cordillera.

Portillo chain.
--compared with that of the Uspallata.

Prefil or sea-wall of Valparaiso.

Puente del Inca, section of.

Pumice, pebbles of.
--conglomerate of R. Negro.
--hills of, in the Cordillera.

Punta Alta, elevation of.
--beds of.

Quartz-rock of the S. Ventana.
--C. Blanco.
--Falkland islands.
--Portillo range.
--viscidity of.
--veins of, near Monte Video.
-- --in dike of greenstone.
--grains of, in mica slate.
-- --in dikes.
--veins of, relations to cleavage.

Quillota, Campana of.

Quintero, elevation of.

Quiriquina, elevation of.
--deposits of.

Rancagua, plain of.

Rapel, R. elevation near.

Reeks, Mr. T., his analysis of decomposed shells.
--his analysis of salts.

Remains, human.

Rio de Janeiro, elevation near.
--crystalline rocks of.

Rivers, small power of transporting pebbles.
--small power of, in forming valleys.
--drainage of, in the Cordillera.

Roads, parallel, of Glen Roy.

Rocks, volcanic, of Banda Oriental.
--Tres Montes.
--Tierra del Fuego.
--with laminar structure.

Rodents, fossil, remains of.

Rogers, Professor, address to Association of American Geologists.

Rose, Professor G., on sulphate of iron at Copiapo.

S. Blas, elevation of.

S. Cruz, elevation and plains of.
--valley of.
--nature of gravel in valley of.
--boulder formation of.
--tertiary formation of.
--subsidence at.

S. Fe Bajada, formations of.

S. George's bay, plains of.

S. Helena island, sea-cliffs, and subsidence of.

S. Josef, elevation of.
--tertiary formation of.

S. Juan, elevation near.

S. Julian, elevation and plains of.
--salt lake of.
--earthy deposit with mammiferous remains.
--tertiary formations of.
--subsidence at.

S. Lorenzo, elevation of.
--old salt formation of.

S. Mary, island of, elevation of.

S. Pedro, elevation of.

Salado, R., elevated shells of.
--Pampean formation of.


Salt, with upraised shell.
--lakes of.
--purity of, in salt lakes.
--deliquescent, necessary for the preservation of meat.
--ancient formation of, at Iquique.
-- --at S. Lorenzo.
--strata of, origin of.

Salts, superficial deposits of.

Sand-dunes of the Uruguay.
--of the Pampas.
--near Bahia Blanca.
--of the Colorado.
--of S. Cruz.
--of Arica.

Sarmiento, Mount.

Schmidtmeyer on auriferous detritus.

Schomburghk, Sir R., on sea-bottom.
--on the rocks of Guyana.

Scotland, sloping terraces of.

Sea, nature of bottom of, off Patagonia.
--power of, in forming valleys.

Sea cliffs, formation of.

Seale, Mr., model of St. Helena.

Sebastian Bay, tertiary formation of.

Sedgwick, Professor, on cleavage.

Serpentine of Copiapo.

Serpulae, on upraised rocks.

Shale-rock, of the Portillo Pass.
--of Copiapo.

Shells, upraised state of, in Patagonia.
--elevated, too small for human food.
--transported far inland, for food.
--upraised, proportional numbers varying.
-- --gradual decay of.
-- --absent on high plains of Chile.
-- --near Bahia Blanca.
--preserved in concretions.
--living and fossil range of, on west coast.
--living, different on the east and west coast.

Shingle of Patagonia.

Siau, M., on sea-bottom.

Silver mines of Arqueros.
--of Chanuncillo.
--of Iquique.
--distribution of.

Slip, great, at S. Cruz.

Smith, Mr., of Jordan Hill, on upraised shells retaining their colours.
--on Madeira.
--on elevated seaweed.
--on inclined gravel beds.

Soda, nitrate of.
--sulphate of, near Bahia Blanca.
--carbonate of.

Soundings off Patagonia.
--in Tierra del Fuego.


Spix and Martius on Brazil.
Sprengel on the production of carbonate of soda.

Springs, mineral, in the Cumbre Pass.

Stratification of sandstone in metamorphic rocks.
--of clay-slate in Tierra del Fuego.
--of the Cordillera of Central Chile.
--little disturbed in Cumbre Pass.
--disturbance of, near Copiapo.

Streams of lava at S. Cruz, inclination of.
--in the Portillo range.

String of cotton with fossil-shells.

Struthiolaria ornata.

Studer, M., on metamorphic rocks.

Subsidence during formation of sea-cliffs.
--near Lima.
--probable, during Pampean formation.
--necessary for the accumulation of permanent deposits.
--during the tertiary formations of Chile and Patagonia.
--probable during the Neocomian formation of the Portillo Pass.
--probable during the formation of conglomerate of Tenuyan.
--during the Neocomian formation of the Cumbre Pass.
--of the Uspallata range.
--great, at Copiapo.
-- --during the formation of the Cordillera.

Sulphur, volcanic exhalations of.

Sumatra, promontories of.

Summary on the recent elevatory movements.
--on the Pampean formation.
--on the tertiary formations of Patagonia and Chile.
--on the Chilean Cordillera.
--on the cretaceo-oolitic formation.
--on the subsidences of the Cordillera.
--on the elevation of the Cordillera.

Tacna, elevation of.

Tampico, elevated shells near.

Tandil, crystalline rocks of.

Tapalguen, Pampean formation of.
--crystalline rocks of.

Taylor, Mr., on copper veins of Cuba.

Temperature of Chile during the tertiary period.

Tension, lines of, origin of, axes of elevation and of cleavage.

Tenuy Point, singular section of.

Tenuyan, valley of.

Terraces of the valley of S. Cruz.
--of equable heights throughout Patagonia.
--of Patagonia, formation of.
--of Chiloe.
--at Conchalee.
--of Coquimbo.
--not horizontal at Coquimbo.
--of Guasco.
--of S. Lorenzo.
--of gravel within the Cordillera.

Theories on the origin of the Pampean formation.

Tierra Amarilla.

Tierra del Fuego, form of sea-bottom.
--tertiary formations of.
--clay-slate formation of.
--cretaceous formation of.
--crystalline rocks of.
--cleavage of clay-slate.

Tosca rock.

Trachyte of Chiloe.
--of Port Desire.
--in the Cordillera.

Traditions of promontories having been islands.
--on changes of level near Lima.

Trees buried in plain of Iquique.
--silicified, vertical, of the Uspallata range.

Tres Montes, elevation of.
--volcanic rocks of.

Trigonocelia insolita.

Tristan Arroyo, elevated shells of.

Tschudi, Mr., on subsidence near Lima.

Tuff, calcareous, at Coquimbo.
--on basin-plain near St. Jago.
--structure of, in Pampas.
--origin of, in Pampas.
--pumiceous, of R. Negro.
--Nuevo Gulf.
--Port Desire.
--S. Cruz.
--Patagonia, summary on Chiloe.
--formation of, in Portillo chain.
--great deposit of, at Copiapo.

Tuffs, volcanic, metamorphic, of Uspallata.
--of Coquimbo.

Ulloa, on rain in Peru.
--on elevation near Lima.

Uruguay, Rio, elevation of country near.

Uspallata, plain of.
--pass of.
--range of.
--concluding remarks on.

Valdivia, tertiary beds of.
--mica-slate of.

Valley of S. Cruz, structure of.
--Guasco, structure of.
--Copiapo, structure of.
--S. Cruz, tertiary formations of.
--Coquimbo, geology of.
--Guasco, secondary formations of.
--Copiapo, secondary formations of.

Valleys in the Cordillera bordered by gravel fringes.
--formation of.
--in the Cordillera.

Valparaiso, elevation of.
--gneiss of.

Vein of quartz near Monte Video.
--in mica-slate.
--relations of, to cleavage.
--in a trap dike.
--of granite, quartzose.
--remarkable, in gneiss, near Valparaiso.

Veins, relations of, to concretions.
--metalliferous, of the Uspallata range.
--metalliferous, discussion on.

Venezuela, gneissic rocks of.

Ventana, Sierra, Pampean formation near.
--quartz-rock of.

Villa Vincencio Pass.

Volcan, Rio, mouth of.
--fossils of.

Volcanoes of the Cordillera.
--absent, except near bodies of water.
--ancient submarine, in Cordillera.
--action of, in relation to changes of level.
--long action of, in the Cordillera.

Wafer on elevated shells.

Waves caused by earthquakes, power of, in transporting boulders.
--power of, in throwing up shells.

Weaver, Mr., on elevated shells.

White, Martin., on sea-bottom.

Wood, silicified, of Entre Rios.
--S. Cruz.
--Uspallata range.
--Los Hornos.

Yeso, Rio, and plain of.

Ypun Island, tertiary formation of.


Charles Darwin

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