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The Secret Adversary



This is Agatha Christie's first novel featuring Tommy (Beresford) and Tuppence (Prudence Cowley), The Young Adventurers, Ltd.

Dedicated to All Those Who Lead Monotonous Lives, In The Hope That They May Experience, At Second Hand, The Delights And Dangers Of Adventure

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No Subject

One of my favourite characters in Christie's work is Mrs. Ariadne Oliver. I was wondering if anyone else thought Christie parodied herself in Mrs. Oliver? I had wondered a little at this character before and was surprised to notice that in one novel she mentions two of her books, titles that Christie actually wrote, as having the same plotline.

I love Agatha Christie's literature

I really love Agatha Christie's books; For instance, I really loved "Murder in The Orient Express" in spanish and was spectacular. Indeed she is the female version of Arthur Conan Doyle

Amazing writer

Agatha Christie is awesome. I have read every Poirot and Marple book ever. I think I cried at end of Curtain. It was so amazing. She is the ultimate. They should start to make more Poirot movies with David Suchet. Too bad there are no more writers of mysteries like her. She is truly the Dame of mysteries.

No Subject

this book was great! i've been reading a bunch of her murder mysteries and this was a really nice chage! the only thing that bothered me is that... well... come on, it's a modern era, it's completly disgusting what julius does in the end! it's sick. and it's for shallow reasons!

Really scary...

I just have to admit, before I say something else, Agatha Christie is truly the best writer I've ever heard or read about. The only thing I wonder about is, how did that little lady think of all those murders and crimes? I you think about it, you need a pretty good brain, with A LOT of kind of scary thoughts in it... Wierd, smart old lady.. At last, and once again, I have to tell that Agatha Christie is truly the best crime-writer there ever will be.

Frida 14,

Shes the best !

I think that shes must be one of the best criminal novel writer in history.I love her works such as "They came to Baghdad", "the Big Four","Curtain", etc.I had a collection of her novels. and it stills growing. for those of you who havent read her work. TRY IT !. Its worthed !!!

No Subject

I love Agatha Christie! I'm hooked on her works, having started with "And Then There Were None". Now I'm reading her short stories and most of the Hercule Poirot mysteries. But my absolute favorite is "Murder in Retrospect" because it confronts the impossible - solving a crime that has happened sixteen years ago. Am looking forward to more Christies for Christmas.

No Subject

This has got to be my favorite of Agatha Christie's works. I even named my cats Tommy and Tuppence.

No Subject

I am reading Agatha Christie's "And Then There Where None" as a class at my school. It is probably the best book I have ever read since Harry Potter! The thind I realy like about her is that she leaves you to think the murder is someone else the whole time! I am at the part when Juctice Wargrave dies and it totally shocked me because I was suspecting him the whole time! I was just looking for a book to read only so I can read the ending because I am hanging in total suspence!

Secret Adversary

I was wondering, when was The Secret Adversary written? I really enjoyed it, though it's not my favorite. I actually figured out the ending before I read it. :( If you want to read more with the same characters, you should try Partners in Crime. How much of Christie's own personality do you think she put into Tuppence's?

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